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Updated - version 1.0.21 released on Thursday 22 December 2022

About colordiff

The Perl script colordiff is a wrapper for 'diff' and produces the same output but with pretty 'syntax' highlighting. Colour schemes can be customized.

To see how colordiff works, you can


Standard URLs:

Old versions are available for reference from the archive for testing and bug tracking, but are not recommended for general use: run the latest version.

Availability of colordiff with your Linux/BSD distribution

Digitally-signed source code

PGP key used to sign the colordiff source is available from here. The signing key was changed in January 2013; releases up to 1.0.13 were signed by an older key.

Further info and development

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colordiff is GPL licensed, (C)2002-2022 Dave Ewart,